Accommodation Agreement

Read Terms &Conditions before you book a room.

1 Accommodation is strictly for those who visit Gokarna temples and puja services only.
2 No single accommodation provided.
3 Outside food and Non-veg are not allowed.

4 Consumption of alcohol during the stay inside the room or Punyaashrama premises is not permitted.
5 When the potential guest is intoxicated, exhibits, or has exhibited extremely abnormal behavior that may pose a nuisance to other guests or in cases that fall under the provisions of prefectural ordinances. The Punyaashrama staff has the authority to ask the guest to vacate the room with two hours prior notice. No deposit refund and liable to pay the total amount under the accommodation agreement.
6 When the potential guest is extremely unsanitary or is wearing filthy clothes that may cause a nuisance to other guests will be asked to vacate the rooms. A deposit refund will not be applicable, and guests must pay the total amount under the accommodation agreement.

7 Internet facility and signal strength depend upon the local service provider’s network condition
8 Lunch available with rice and standard veg menu items. Only light eatables (non-rice items) are available for the dinner, which are not part of the accommodation cost.
9 Car Parking available.

10 Pets not allowed.
11 Check-in time before 12 Pm. Check-out time before 8 Am.
12 Hot water available.

13 Food services not available for rooms.
14 Taxi services assistance is available at the reception.

By clicking here, I state that I have read and understood the terms and conditions.”